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Steve Stanley
Senior eBusiness Consultant, Strategist, Analyst,
Planner/Organizer, Trusted Resource, Enthusiast:

» 336/473-0700

PO Box 1221
Clemmons, NC  27012


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Caution, personal note:

If you know me, you know one thing for sure...  I thrive on collaboration. 

Despite the freedoms and benefits of being an independent consultant, self-employed and self-motivated, the aspects of maintaining the business while providing valued services is easily my greatest daily challenge.

I am faced with the delima of spending two-thirds of my time in sales/marketing mode and the remainder in managing accounts recievable, and what little free time I have actually working with clients and business problems.

Clearly, the operational tasks should be left to a dedicated team of professionals... the trick is, finding that 'team'.

So, I have decided to shift gears a bit and offer my services to a firm or organization interested in a dedicated resource - this way, I can get back to spending the lion-share of my time doing the thing I'm fairly good at, and leaving the administation to those better suited.


More on this subject as opportunites develop...!

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Projects & Ventures Minimize

eBusiness Solutions -

Retail B2C eCommerce:

 » Developing the business condition & operational model for an Online Store - Hendrick Motor Sports

B2B Models, Distribution/Logistics, & Second Channel Strategies:

 » Designing an operational fulfillment solution for a traditional retailer to ship-direct - Cracker Barrel Online Country Store

Content Management & User-Class Operational Model

 » Launching a "community" business model, delivering specific content to role-based users - entrepé, The Entrepreneur Community

Solution Prototypes:
» Proving all elements of business operations and user experience before fully commerce-enabling the host site - Lowe's Home Improvement:,,, etc.


IT Infrastructure, Analysis, & Strategy -

Business Model Creation/ReEngineering, Market Strategy, & Analysis:

 » Helping to create a new Physician's Private Practice - Old Town Family Medicine

IT Implementations & Project Analysis/Program Management:


IT Governance, Standards, Documentation, & Change Management:



What is a 'Functionologist'? Minimize

Great question!  We love great questions! fact, we're still trying to answer that one.  It's a cool word, that kind'a makes sense once you unpack it.  So, here's a quick 'Unpack':

Function - process, protocol, operability, work-style, strategic task, assignment, implemented idea, etc.

'ologist - one that does... that kind of stuff...

The Science of it - more of a 'discipline' really, but it's performed scientifically - maybe not with a sterile 'lab', or a control group, or replicatable hypothesis, but with the intent and method of a practiced (if not proven) design approach.

Not just 'contriving' - What's the use in coming up with great ideas/ strategies/ initiatives (even if they deeply inspire and motivate their creator) if you can't, first, describe them - and with the right blend of passion and reality - and, second, execute them.

  » Describe them, to whom?  Execute them, for what reason?


More, shortly...

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