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Competencies Excelling In: Minimize

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» eCommerce Business Models

It is our objective to maintain a strong competency in the key eBusiness models.  In particular, we have extensive experience deploying business-critical and second channel solutions for Retail Business-to-Consumer, Marketplace B2B, Auction, and Membership/Content models.

» User/Customer/Shopper Experience

We believe that the single most critical metric to success for any service business is the ability to define and intentionally shape the unique experience of each customer, employee, share-holder.  And then the ability to track, evaluate and effectively describe that experience in terms of captured revenue and opportunity for repeat business and loyalty - if there even is such a thing as customer loyalty anymore).  Our position is - 'Experience' - at every interaction - translates directly into revenue & loyalty potential. 

» Software Application Design Leadership

'Computer-based Problem Solving' is a more accurate term to describe our approach to leading the software design process... Our expertise ranges from directing the analysis and functional design of applications, to component enhancement and/or customization of existing solutions, to platform migration and re-deployment.
A fundamental element in our software development methodology is our process of phase-control we refer to as "P.L.E.'s" (Post Launch Enhancements). More on that subject in our Methodology Section (BizCON1).

» User Interface Design & Usability

Usability, put simply, is the nature of a software application to perform in a way that would be intuitive, predictable, reliable, and easily navigable for the key user group.  Defining this ideal state is a critical component to successful application design.  Achieving it, is another matter entirely.  In a system that relies upon user interaction, and in a user work-style that relies on ease-of-use and high-productivity, Usability is the key ingredient to adoption of an application as a "Tool"; which is often the key to significant ROI, if not profitability in general - particularly in eBusiness solutions.

» Business Technical Liaison

Technologists need "Evangelists" and business unit managers and executives need clear, actionable understanding of technologies.  Enter, the Functionologist.  The ideal liaison between an organizations' technical capability and its' corporate objective.

» Team Collaboration / Inspiration

Team Inspiration doesn't necessarily have to come from the leadership of a company or organization - in fact, it often doesn't.  The strongest source of innovation, entheusiasm, and vision can come from the team members who exhibit the hope, ambition, faith, and determination to see beyond problems/ constraints/ obstacles to the possibilities that may lie just around the corner.

» Requirements Gathering & Mapping    

Of the many functions of business analysis, the accumulation and assimilation of project requirements could easily be seen as the most monotonous task - and causes many to under-value the necessity of a thorough and intensive effort.  It is a rarity to find a resource with entrepreneurial fore-thought who actually thrives on the process of developing functional and business requirements.     

» Issue & Risk Management/Mitigation        

» Project Execution to Completion

» Information Technology Management  

» Project Management & Facilitation

Folowing a methodology (of analysis/ design/ development/ deployment/ maintenance) may seem straight forward, but the responsibilities of budget creation, understanding & driving a corporate vision, ensuring competency of the team *(and their work estimates), as well as testing and phased roll-out, while managing expectations throughout - can be the key elements that divide success from over-run. 

» Functional Design (& Specification)

» Systems Analysis & Decision Logic            

» Business Process Modeling

In every technology implementation and each venture into a new market or channel, there are always processes that change or must be (re)designed.  Here is where experience and creativity are critical and illustrate the true quality of analytical capability.

» Communication & Documentation Tools

Written, verbal (as well as non-verbal), formal oral, and motivational communication are all unique skills; each with it's own neuance of personal style, understandabilty/ readability, and knowledge of the particular audience.  Just as when a marketing message is crafted to appeal to a unique target audience, all professional and technical documentation, work-product, and presentation resources deserve the same intentionality.  

Specific Areas of Expertise: Minimize

» Product, Systems, & Process Analysis
Evaluates market, business condition, competitive landscape, customer experience, and product/service initiatives; obtain executive objectives; develop methodologies & standards; plan, implement & execute new operational processes; meet with key resources to cultivate project goals; build business requirements; define appropriate design approach; manage expectations & write specifications. Schedules and facilitates project meetings (client/executive/technical); capture and implement decisions.

Leverages organizational design concepts to improve communication, missional objectives, workflow & style, productivity, and delineation of responsibility.

» Second Channel & eBusiness Strategies
Multi-level experience applying technology solutions to support a second-channel strategy, specifically an online business model, to extend sales/distribution to new markets. Develop application functionality, product presentment solutions, packaged & custom applications, and complete eBusiness infrastructures. Experience building B2B, B2C, vendor integration, and management systems, as well as content-rich models, auction solutions, and affinity programs. 

Understand products, merchandising, positioning, market, consumer culture & trends, as well as true market-based customization and role-based personalization (both user-class & attribute driven models).

» Retail/Distribution Systems & Methods
In-depth understanding of the operational processes and information systems involved in small and large-scale retail (and customer-facing service) businesses including an on-line presence. Extensive experience directing/managing/executing information technology initiatives & projects. Experience in management, merchandising/productization, customer service, supply chain interfaces, etc. 

Industries include: Retail Commodity Merchandise, Product Manufacturing/Wholesale, Multi-Channel Supply-Chain Models, Healthcare, Banking/Finance, Service Industry, Conceptualization & IP/Patent, and Customer/Patient Services.   

» IT Planning & Program Management
Understands executive direction, technical solutions, & expectations; support user objectives to technical services and represent technical capabilities back to the user community; manage delivery & execution; understand the technical solution, direct development from written specifications, determine resource requirements and build estimates & project plans that will manage a project to completion.

Experience in: ITIL, SixSIGMA, PMI, RUP, and other project management methodologies & certifications.


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