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AgileTeam6: Finding Inspiration and Allowing Inspiration To Drive Us Minimize


We are passionate about what we love to do — in life and work, and to do it well, we need the infusion of energy and great ideas.  It is this external spark of genius we're referring to when we talk about "INSPIRATION".  

We think of it as external, because it's a bit more profound than the moment by moment question we ask ourselves, "What's Next?!"  Often we have to go "GET" or "FIND" it.  It comes from a combination of things that happen, where we may be only casual participants or observers.  And we know that real Inspiration is the source of true genius, because the chemical reaction (or cascading ignition of neurons) invokes the complext mix of feelings of creativity, self-confidence, and the vision we need to lead us to the next masterful experience in our lives, our work, our relationships, our art, our craft...   


 Would you agree with that assessment?

I am sure you have your own neuonced definition;  and that's just the evidence of Insparation at work...  What I've put down on paper, inspires you to think of things in new ways.  You can leverage what I have said / how I have phrased it, and add your unique perspective, so that together, we can build something great.  Something that not only makes us proud of the creation, our collaboration fuels us and deepens our working relationship.

 How Are We Inspired?

By observing or pondering ideas, concepts, and alternative perspectives.  Andy Stefanovich calls it, "Looking at More Stuff"

Through Collaboration...  through the network of relationships

Through Seeing things come to fruition.  My aunt always says, "I LOVE IT when a Plan Comes Together!"

 Why Do We Need Inspiration?

Just because we think of Inspiration as being an external magical infusion of creativity, doesn't mean that it's not internal and instinctive also.  And even if we believe creativity and ability is instinctive, there is no denying that "INSPIRATION" happens to us.

But, we do admit that "FINDING" Inspiratoin or "GETTING" Inspired requires intenionality...  "FINDING" requires "SEEKING"...  "GETTING" involves "TAKING A HOLD OF".  We have to train ourselves where to look, how to move, how to shape our minds and expectations... 

 What Happens When We're Continuously Operating From Inspiration...

Even so, it's not rocket science.  Once we're ready, allow ourselves to find Inspiration virtually everywhere.  it's ok for little, seemingly insignificant things to deelply move us with emotion and passion.  We can solve huge, seemingly insurmountable, problems once we're adaquately Inspired.   So, "GET INSPIRED!"  And, go DO what needs to be "DONE!"


 Allowing Inspiration To Drive Us

 Continuous Inspiration


 Continuous Improvement = Learning


 The Motivational Power of "DONE!"


 Accountability Comes From Continuous Delivery



Written by Steve Stanley,  AgileTeam6

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